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CCTV Surviellance System

CCTV Security Camera Types

Fixed CCTV surveillance cameras

Fixed security cameras point in a single direction, which makes them perfect for monitoring very specific areas of interest. They're also preferred for applications where it's beneficial to install cameras in clearly visible locations. For this reason, fixed CCTV surveillance cameras are quite effective not only for capturing footage of suspicious activity, but also for deterring criminals and vandals from carrying out their acts in the first place. The direction of the camera is set during installation. Many security cameras also accept interchangeable lenses and housings, so you have the flexibility to meet a wide variety of surveillance needs.


PTZ cameras are ideal for wide-area surveillance. They give operators the ability to remotely control pan, tilt, and zoom functions to follow activity and to zoom in for detailed monitoring. This is an area where analog CCTV security cameras fall behind their IP camera counterparts. With IP cameras, the pan/tilt/zoom functions are controlled manually or automatically and delivered over a single network cable, while analog cameras require additional wiring to perform similar functionality.


Oil & Gas

The wide range of specialised and certified ex-proof products provides the highest degree of protection and the immediate situational awareness in areas with risk of explosion.

The operator can monitor critical areas and constantly receive detailed information, quickly detect abnormal and dangerous situations and take immediate decisions, reducing the chance of accidents.


We have the global expertise to address the complex issues of maritime and industrial applications with a wide range of specialised products for professional video surveillance. Designed to withstand the most corrosive atmosphere, the PTZ cameras and fixed cameras can be installed on board of all types of vessels such as oil tankers, container ships, lng carriers etc.


We are able to satisfy even the most complex needs related to critical infrastructures, road and motorway traffic monitoring, to public urban security and dynamic and complex outdoor environments. Clear and detailed day and night images, even on long distances, non-stop operation with zero maintaining, preset accuracy, immediate remote feedback, simplified management with remote updates, easy plug and play installation, open architecture for IP management.

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